To save people and pets from house fires and carbon monoxide poisoning, and minimize damage caused by smoke, fire, water leaks, and freezing temperatures.

The number of people who died in house fires in 2017 in the U.S

The number of pets who died in house fires in 2017 in the U.S

The average insurance deductible you’ll pay before insurance kicks in

The number of victims who thought it would happen to them


Wifi, step stool or ladder, existing smoke/co detector

Tools, professional installer, large income

Homeowners insurance discount

Most homeowners insurance companies find our products and services so valuable that they’ll often help you pay for them by discounting your home insurance premium. Many times this covers the cost of the monthly monitoring service.

No comparison

No contract

Cancel any time. We believe in earning your business anew each and every month

FOUR covered emergencies

Smart smoke detectors out there don’t cover four emergencies like us.

UL listed central monitoring service

Your system can alert us as a backup so we can send help even if you’re unaware