House? Apartment? Fixed income?
Doesn’t matter. Every home can afford Fire Alert.

Instant Alerts

 Just to your phone, or also to us as a backup.We’ll send help immediately! In an emergency every second counts.

All you need is Wifi

Fire Alert connects through your home wifi to send emergency alerts.

Easy do-it-yourself setup

 Setup in minutes, no tools needed


The Big Four Emergencies

Each Fire Alert package includes sensors that alert you of the four most common, devastating, and costly emergencies in your home

Emergencies covered:

  • Smoke/Fire
  • Carbon Monoxide
  • Water Leaks
  • FreezingTemperatures

What is your current plan?

These devastating emergencies happen every single day to people who thought it wouldn’t happen to them.

It is better to

be safe than sorry!

U.S daily human house fire deaths

U.S daily pet house fire deaths

People who can predict when an emergency will happen

Search “Fire Alert”

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